Integrated Entrepreneurship Education In All Subjects

What is meant by entrepreneurship education integrated in the learning process is penginternalisasian entrepreneurial values ​​into learning so that the results gained awareness of the importance of values​​, character formation and habituation entrepreneur entrepreneurial values ​​into the behavior of everyday learners through the learning process which takes place both inside and outside the classroom in all subjects. Basically learning activities, in addition to making the students master the competencies (material) is targeted, well designed and conducted to make students recognize, realize / care, and internalize the values ​​of entrepreneurship and making behavior. This step is done by integrating the values ​​of entrepreneurship into the learning in all subjects at school. This integration step can be done at the time of delivering the material, through a method of learning as well as through the scoring system.

In integrating the values ​​of entrepreneurship there are many values ​​that can be implanted on the learner. If all the values ​​of entrepreneurship should be inculcated with the same intensity in all subjects, then the investment value becomes very heavy. Therefore, the values ​​of entrepreneurship planting is done in stages by selecting a number of our core values ​​as a base of departure for the cultivation of other values​​. Furthermore, core values ​​are integrated in all subjects. Thus each subject focuses on the cultivation of certain core values ​​that most closely to the characteristics of the subjects concerned. Entrepreneurial core values ​​are integrated into all subjects at the first step there are 6 (six) the principal amount that is: independent, creative risk-taking, leadership, action-oriented and hard work.

The integration of entrepreneurship education in the subjects carried out starting from the planning, implementation, and evaluation of learning in all subjects. At the planning stage, the syllabus and lesson plans designed to facilitate the learning content and activities to integrate the values ​​of entrepreneurship. How to prepare a syllabus which integrated the values ​​of entrepreneurship carried out by adapting the existing syllabus by adding one column in the syllabus to accommodate the values ​​of entrepreneurship that will be integrated. As for how to prepare lesson plans that integrate with the values ​​of entrepreneurship carried out by adapting the existing RPP by adding arrows material, measures of learning or assessment with the values ​​of entrepreneurship.

Learning principles used in the development of entrepreneurship education effort so that learners know and accept the values ​​of entrepreneurship as their own and are responsible for the decisions taken through the stages of familiar options, assess options, determine the establishment, and then make a value corresponding with confidence. with this principle, learners learn through the process of thinking, acting, and acting. The third process is intended to develop the learners ability to carry out activities related to the values ​​of entrepreneurship.

Integrating the values ​​of entrepreneurship in the syllabus and lesson plans can be done through the following steps:

     - Assess SK and KD to determine whether the values ​​of entrepreneurship have been included therein.
     * To embody the values ​​of entrepreneurship that have been listed in the syllabus into SKdan KD.
     - Developing a learning step that allows learners active learners have the opportunity to show the integration of values ​​and behavior.
     - Including step of active learning that integrates the values ​​of entrepreneurship into the RPP.

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