Business Administration and Management

When it comes to administration and management, people are often confused. The general assumption of the people is that administration is a clerical job and management means that one holds a post of authority, good salary and cabin at work. The following are however, the two precise definitions of business administration and management.

    Business Administration: Business administration is the class of employees which makes business plans, policies, does research and sets well planned and legitimate aims before the rest of the company. The management and the remaining employees, in some cases, report the updates to the administration. In a real sense the administration does the job of thinking, planning and developing.

    Business Management: Business Management is an executive arm of the administration. The management gets the things done from the people within a specified time with the help of a specified amount of resources.

Both the branches are equally important and also well paid (which is equal in most of the cases). There is however a tendency for every person to join at a deputy-management level after finishing his/her education and gradually evolve towards careers in business management. After about 15-20 years of service, when the person's hair starts graying, he/she is promoted to the administrative level. People from the administration, do not take decisions, they request the management to take a decision to get a result that they feel (of course by legitimate reasoning), is desirable and profitable.

Business Administration and Management Jobs

The modern-day business administration and management careers as mentioned above start at the deputy-managerial level and one can easily graduate to more advanced levels of management and administration.

There are several branches of executive branches to choose from. Ordinarily you will find the following branches in a business entity:

    Project/Technical: The project management personnel are experts in the field in which the company operates. For example, if the company is engaged in automotive manufacturing, then the project management would include technicians, engineers and experts in the related fields. The entry level in the project management is of course as a team member working on a specified project. After a few years a promotion will be given at an executive level where the person will head a team of people. After a dedicated service for over decade a promotion to the administrative hierarchy will be given. Here a person can work in research and development, production policy or production planning.
    Human Resources: A field that has gained a great amount of importance in the recent past is that of human resource management and personnel management. The career options and path of hierarchy is almost the same and also largely depends on the size of the company. It must be noted that the management skills as well as the leadership skills that are required are very different and understanding human psychology and emotions is an important quality.
    Sales and Marketing: The sales and marketing is also another branch of management where a person can work his way up to a very good post at an administrative level.

It must be noted that the business administration and management courses differ as per the branch the person chooses to enter. As a person it is always better to have a good graduate, postgraduate degree combination as it gives a better scope for promotion. I hope that the elaboration on business administration and management is resourceful.

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